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Among Thieves Review

Among Thieves

Saga Press

September 7, 2021

Fantasy - Magic


Thievery, betrayal, and looking out for oneself are traits one needs to survive in the Lottery. At least it was…

Ryia, Tristan, Nash, and Ivan have been a part of the Saints for a while now. Each with their own individual specialties, they have become a fairly productive crew. Yet, when their luck begins to fade an opportunity that could turn all their lives around reveals itself. As a new face enters the ranks, will they continue to stick with what they know or will everything change?

Overtaken by vivid descriptions and intense characters, the reader is swept in to another reality through M.J. Kuhn’s, Among Thieves. Toss in the constant intrigue along with the everchanging obstacles, and you will struggle to put this one down.

None the less, a rating of 4 out of 5 stars is given due to an abundant amount of profanity and a few grammatical errors. In addition, the ending leaves lots of loose ends resulting in a feeling of letdown.

Overall, this is highly recommended to those who want to get away and fall in to an alternate reality. Given this is a debut novel, one can only hope these characters take off into their own series.

Thank you to #NetGalley, and #SagaPress for the opportunity to read an advanced readers copy.


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