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Night Shift Review

Night Shift

Minotaur Books

March 1, 2022

Mystery - Crime - Thriller


New Years Eve 1999, five young adults are brutally incapacitated in the breakroom of their workplace. Miraculously, one survived.

Fifteen years later, two sisters and their manager are murdered in a recognizable fashion at their workplace. Leaving one survivor.

Could these two events be connected? Has the fugitive returned to strike again?

Alex Finlay grabs his readers and does not let go in his novel The Night Shift. One easily gets lost within the pages as Alex showcases his ability to create an intense plotline geared to keep you guessing.

Although Alex exemplifies his ability as a writer with little to no spelling and grammatical errors, the amount of profanity was highly overused. Unfortunately, this took away from truly being able to immerse oneself within the pages, ultimately resulting in a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

This story does include some graphic details that may cause one distress. Please read with caution if affected by any of the following: alcohol and drug use (including underage), bullying, depression, self-harm (including cutting), suicide, physical and emotional abuse, foster care, group homes, murder, mangled and bloody bodies, knife and gun violence, theft, indecencies with a minor, smuggling contraband, homelessness, abandonment, and abduction.

An edge of your seat, pure adrenaline rush, The Night Shift, is the definition of a page turner. Make sure to grab this thrilling mystery when it releases on March 1, 2022.

Thank you to #TheNightShift, #AlexFinlay, #MinotaurBooks, #StMartinsPress, and #NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advanced readers copy and give my honest review.


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