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Perception and Deception V Review

Perception and Deception V

Special Agent Publishing House

Winter, 2022

Fiction - Crime - Mystery - Action


Faith has been told her deceased biological father may be alive. Determined to uncover the truth, she is sent to investigate this theory. For fear of hurting those she loves, she hides the reality of her real task within another mission. Will she be able to reunite her grandfather with his son, or is she on a wild goose chase to discover what they already know?

In Perception and Deception V, Andrea Hintz gives her readers of the Perception and Deception: A Spy Series an answer to a question they have been craving to know: what happened to Wolf’s son? A deep dive into the tragic event, Andrea merges the past with the present in a way that will keep you guessing. Add an unexpected ending, and you will be screaming for more.

Alongside the absence of profanity, sexual content, and spelling nor grammatical errors Andrea continues to highlight her writing competence. Resulting in yet another perfect rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

As expected with any spy series, some actions be triggering for some. Please read with caution if effected by any of the following: home invasion, amnesia, homelessness, kidnapping, betrayal, assault, black-market dealings, drugs, deceit, hand to hand combat, and gun violence.

An exemplary fusion of two stunning stories, Andrea Hintz pulls out all the stops in Perception and Deception V. Look for this book to release Winter of 2022, and be prepared for a mind-blowing experience.

Thank you to #PerceptionandDeceptionV, #SpecialAgentPublishingHouse, and #AndreaHintz for the opportunity to read a beta copy and give my honest review.

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