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Some Kind of Comfort Review

Some Kind of Comfort

GCL Books

January 25, 2022

Fiction - Young Adult - Contemporary


Charley wants to fit in. Correction, Charley NEEDS to fit in. She is willing to do almost anything it takes to be acknowledged at her high school, no matter the cost. Even if her anxiety becomes so bad and she runs away, a little embarrassment is worth the overall acceptance. That is until her body can no longer tolerate the abuse, and she dies.

Experience Charley’s inner thoughts as she navigates through her life in Gary Clark’s Some Kind of Comfort. A head on approach, Gary tackles the stigma surrounding mental stability, while encompassing a story complete with wonder, discovery, and even love.

Yet, there was something missing. Instead of empathizing with the characters’ angst, fear, loss, anger, love, and other feelings, there seemed to be a disconnect. The words on the page did not evoke an emotional correlation, they were just words on the page. In addition, an overuse of profanity interfered as well.

This story includes actions that may occur while facing struggles with mental illness. Please read with caution if the following may cause you distress: panic attacks, phobias, self-harm (including cutting), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), abandonment, anxiety, physical abuse, assault, sexual harassment, heart attack, anorexia, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, adoption, psychiatric ward, bipolar, alcoholism, foster care, missing loved one, suicide, sexism, attempted rape, school shooting, tinnitus, narcissism, coma, overdose, hallucinations, car accident, and death of parent.

A commendable accomplishment, Some Kind of Comfort articulates the inner battles many must combat when facing our own mental health.

Thank you to #SomeKindOfComfort, #GaryClark, and #GCLBooks for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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