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The Reading List Review

The Reading List

William Morrow

August 3, 2021

Fiction - Contemporary


There it is. Where did it come from? Who left it? Is there a reason I was the one who found it? These are some of the questions being asked when a list with the titles of eight different books is found.

Aleisha has never been a book reader, unless it was a textbook. So, she knew it would be a boring summer after her brother recommends she work at the local library. That is until, she finds a list when cleaning out a returned book brought in by a man, she happened to be rude to.

Mukesh always loved watching his wife read, even though he never read himself. After she passed, he hid away desperately clinging to anything that would keep a part of her close. So, when his daughter came across one of his wife’s library books, he struggled to let it go. When he finally returned the book, as he knew his wife would have wanted, he never imagined how close he could get to the woman he so dearly loved.

Follow along with Aleisha and Mukesh as their lives begin to intertwine through a series of books in Sara Nisha Adams’ "The Reading List". Sara takes her readers along for a ride towards self-discovery, healing, and strength. Focusing on how a certain book at a certain time can impact a person’s life.

A little confusing in the beginning with a timeline that jumped around and taking a while to get to the know the characters this book gets 4 out of 5 stars. The amount of profanity is noticeable, but not enough to be distracting. The traditions of Hinduism are apparent; however, it is more about the background and beliefs of Mukesh, rather than the religion. Adequately edited, little to no spelling and grammar errors were found.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable book and would recommend to anyone dealing with the daily struggles of life. You never know when a person will have an impact on one’s life, even if it that person happens to be a character in a book.


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